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During the past 35 years in the real estate industry I have taken great pride in my reputation as a realtor with “hustle”, someone with “street sense” who intimately knows the market, the product, and also genuinely cares about my clients. Someone who is thoroughly professional and gets the job done, but yet, is not in this business solely for financial gain. I value my relationships with clients. Your business means a great deal to myself and my family… A decision to allow me to assist you in your real estate dealings will not be taken for granted.

With Seller Direct’s unique marketing systems we can deliver more service for less money than our competitors. When you work with the agents of Bev Cuckow and Associates you will get the highest level of service and experience that my clients have come to know and appreciate.

If you or someone you know is planning to buy or sell real estate now or in the future, contact me. We will assist you and those you refer to us in a timely, competent, and personable manner!


Thinking of selling and want to learn about the competition in your area? Want to get maximum exposure for your property?


Looking for fixer-uppers? Looking for your dream home? Learning what to be on the lookout when viewing homes?


Want to know the true value of your home? I will be able to help you determine the value of your home…


I Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

I know that purchasing a home is a great financial investment; I can make it one of your best. Allow yourself every opportunity to be successful by working with a professional, like myself.


A Creative and Innovative Agency

Purchasing a home is a great financial investment; with the help of our trained real estate team, I can also make it one of your best. Allow yourself every opportunity to be successful by working with professionals, like the Real Estate Company team.


Connecting With The Client is My Starting Point

Working with me will help you save time and ensure that every step of the process is handled professionally. With my assistance, I will help you secure the best investment possible and ensure that your Real Estate decision is one you’ll appreciate for years to come.


Trust Me - You're in Good Hands

I know Calgary. As you look at homes and compare all the best deals,I’ll provide you with important information about the neighbourhood, zoning, utilities, homes, and other developments occurring in the area. This inside information on the local market can help ensure that you find a home in a neighbourhood you will love for years to come.

you are in good hands

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